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What Would Happen?
If you knew exactly what companies like Hawthorne Supply Co., Carriage House Printery, and  were looking for when it came to bringing on new designers?

It would mean freedom (from worry and anxiety) knowing that you know how to curate, pitch, and present your work.
being able to better set yourself up for success by designing and delivering the artwork they are looking for at the right time.
How would things change?
If you knew exactly how brands and makers discover new designs and designers they want to continue to work with?

It would mean knowing how to get seen rather than guessing how to get your work in front of them.
eliminating worry (from guessing) and being able to better understand the type of designs they are looking for and how to better partner with them.
Do you want insider knowledge on how to be seen and successfully
work with these companies and brands?
the questions you'll finally have answered...

Where do they think some designers go wrong when pitching?

What type of collection are they looking for? Large collections, small collections, one colorway, two colorways, etc?

Do collections need to tick certain boxes or meet certain criteria for them to pick up?

If they could give a designers insight into what they are looking for this year what would it be?

Do they feel they have any holes in their design library that their customers are looking for that designers could help fill?

What makes them want to work with a designer?

Do you work with artists non-exclusively or exclusively?

Do they have any advice for designers on how to stand out when they submit artwork to them?

Their thoughts on if designers should pitch something that is popular like florals or if they should try to pitch something a little more outside of the box.

What 3 tips would they give to a designer looking to break into fabric?

How do brands navigate POD sites when looking for new prints? 

Are brands going to a designer’s page on the POD site or are they using the search bar to discover new designs?

How do you like designers to submit and pitch work to you? How frequently would you like them to follow up?

Our guest speakers are answering all of these questions and more!


Jessie Greenberg the Artist Community Manager at Spoonflower, Jessie’s Job includes hosting webinar content, creation design challenges & most importantly learning from Spoonflower artists & sharing their feedback with the team so you can continue to grow your creative business & meet your goals. 

Spoonflower is one of the leading Fabric Print-On-Demand companies in

the industry so we are honoured to be able to have this opportunity to bring you these insights.

Hawthorne Supply Co.

Hawthorne Supply Co. is a husband and wife-owned company offering a vast selection of modern fabrics and notions, along with their own digitally printed fabric and wallpaper. The owner/creative director is joined by her assistant creative director in our roundtable series. They work side-by-side to carefully curate an assortment of collections and designs that they know their customers will love. At Hawthorne Supply Co. they are passionate about supplying makers with the tools for a creative life!

Carriage House Printery

Carriage House Printery is a family-centred company whose mission is to provide the highest quality, sustainable custom fabric to its customers. Michael and Shannon are the husband and wife duo behind Carriage House Printery, heavily involved in the operations of the business. They work with top creative artists and offer designs that inspire their customer's creative endeavours.

Tara Reed

Tara Reed is an illustrator and surface designer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. With over 9 years of experience working inside Spoonflower as their Artist Community Manager. Following Spoonflower she has built her own successful design career and is a wealth of knowledge. She has licensed and sold work to amazing companies such as; Cloud9 Fabrics, Joann, Jiggy Puzzles, and Nerida Hansen. She loves supporting other artists and believes in sharing knowledge within the community.

Little Cocalico

Little Cocalico is a family-owned custom fabric print shop located in Pennsylvania. It is dedicated to serving the custom sewing, designer, and boutique industry by striving to provide the most personal and professional custom fabric printing experience available. They have a strong focus on sustainability and a passion for quality providing large wholesalers, small businesses, and hobbyists with amazing custom fabrics..

Jordan Porter

Jordan is a self-proclaimed Bag maker and Fabric Enthusiast and a favourite maker among designers. She has a keen eye for selecting beautiful patterns and coordinating them seamlessly with liners, zippers, trims, and accents. Through endless hours of searching for suitable fabrics, Jordan has become an expert in navigating POD sites to find the material and designs that speak to her and her customers. Bag-making has helped give her an identity outside of motherhood.

Yeah Baby Goods

Yeah Baby Goods is a family product-based business that developed and creates accessories for the Ikea highchair. Katie is the owner and visionary behind this wildly successful business. The Yeah Baby Goods brand has become a go-to for new moms looking for ways to make the necessary items, like highchairs, that come with little ones reflect their personal style and match their family aesthetic! Katie is incredibly thankful to be running this business with her husband and four sweet kids.

Molly Morehouse

Molly Morehouse is the owner and mastermind behind the children's apparel company Made By Molly. Born and raised in central Indiana, she has been creating, designing, and sewing ever since her mom taught her to sew in 5th grade. After having her firstborn in 2013 her business organically grew as she sewed for her family and friends. Almost 10 years later the passion for creating comfy, cute, and functional children's apparel has unfolded into a 7-figure business and just keeps growing! She built her business starting with POD fabrics and still works with those designers and companies today.

Together we have released over 40+ collections to POD companies & have successfully licensed our art to clients worldwide.

Fleur Crawford of Hufton Studio and Ryann Scrafford of Charlie Rowan Designs are the Co-founders of Creative Studio Collective. 

The goal of CSC is to create a space to share collective knowledge, support other artists, and elevate the design industry together. With over 17 years of individual experience in the surface pattern design industry, Fleur and Ryann have jointly released 40+ collections to print-on-demand companies and successfully licensed their art worldwide.

 you'll get a front-row seat
to all of our candid conversations with our incredible guest speakers.

Want to know exactly what POD fabric company owners are looking for?

Curious how brands and makers find the fabric designs and designers they like to work with?

Wondering how important following trends is?

Curious about what types of collections they like?

Looking for insight into how they want artwork pitched and how often to follow up?

The reality is, NO one was asking these companies - and individuals
making the decisions - the questions we so desperately wanted answers to!

Are you tired of guessing & want a clearer direction on how to be seen and how better partner with both the companies and brands?

We have the answers in this New Roundtable Series

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" OMG! I love these interviews SO MUCH! They don't only give me insights of what these companies are looking for, they actually make me feel they are approachable and most importantly POSSIBLE"

Roundtable Review

" So much valuable information! So many questions I've had as a new designer are being answered and additional information I needed to hear. So grateful that you've had this beautiful idea & implemented it. It's difficult to know what to invest in & halfway in I feel like I've gained so much knowledge "

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" Wow, I knew I’d gotten my money’s worth after I was halfway through the first video, and now after watching all of them, I know for a fact I did! I’m all fired up now to create collections with a direction in mind and a newfound focus. Time to get to work! "

Roundtable Review

" I don't know how you two do it but it's LITERALLY as if you can read my mind on what info I feel like I'm missing. I'm only on the 2nd video but it already has been invaluable've removed the scary feeling I've had about it {pursuing more fabric POD sites} and I'm feeling more willing to take the chance "

Roundtable Review

" It was so informative and uplifting! You busted through some creative blocks I had and gave me much needed insight into the industry and exactly what buyers are looking for! I loved hearing information directly from other brands & makers. At the end I was feeling a little overwhelmed at my to do list but your “final thoughts” video conversation you did was so great it made me feel like it is all possible & I felt so encouraged to keep going - Keep up the amazing work! I know I can always trust what you put out will deliver exactly as advertised and more. "

Roundtable Review

" This is the difference between scarcity and abundance mindset within the print-on-demand/surface pattern design industry. Priceless insight and inside scoop for artists and designers. Removing the myths and mysteries and asking the questions we want (and need) the answers to, brilliant Roundtable Series! "

Roundtable Review

" I've listened to the first interview last night with Hawthorne Supply Co and it was AWESOME. They answered so many of the questions I needed to know & MORE. Also, the workbook that Fleur & Ryann put together was a great asset to work towards pitching. Thanks, ladies "

Roundtable Review

" This is so good, already watched two of the interviews and was blown away. Thank you so much for this wonderful series! "

Roundtable Review

" I binge watched all of this yesterday. It was so good, so encouraging, and I really appreciate Fleur and Ryann putting this all together so beautifully! My big lightbulb moment was realizing I don't have to ********* ! I have been a student of Immersion since last year, and while I think  *********  has its use, it was so freeing to know that I had other options. There were so many good take-aways from the sessions and I'm sure I will watch them all again. "

Roundtable Review

" I've watched the first interview of the new Roundtable interviews with Hawthorne Supply Co & I'm feeling so encouraged to keep going and keep pitching!  "

Roundtable Review

" I've been watching the interviews and really love hearing all the different perspectives and ways that they offer fabrics on their platforms or how they use the fabrics and what they look for. You are such good interviewers!! And you both form a great team together. "

Roundtable Review

" I liked hearing from the maker brands and the fabric companies, and Tara, it was great to hear all the different perspectives. This is insight you can’t teach yourself. Thank you Fleur and Ryann for everything you’re doing for the creative community!! "
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