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Discover the Secrets to Success in the POD World: Get Insights and Strategies from Industry Leaders and start making sales while you sleep.

Wow, I knew I’d gotten my money’s worth after I was halfway through the first video, and now after watching all of them, I know for a fact I did! I’m all fired up now to create collections with a direction in mind and a newfound focus. Time to get to work!!

Sai Ahm

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Transform your surface pattern designs into a thriving art business with our expert-led Roundtable Series.

Welcome to our Print on Demand Roundtable Series, where we've gathered leading experts, successful brand owners, renowned artists, and makers to share the insider knowledge you need to thrive in the POD industry.  

Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your existing art business, our Roundtable series is your gateway to mastering the art and science of print on demand.

Our Mission: Empowering Your Success

Inspired by our own journeys, we established this roundtable series to empower others embarking on similar paths. Recognizing the challenges and uncertainties that come with starting out — coupled with the hesitancy to ask questions for fear of appearing unprofessional — we see you!! So we've curated a wealth of insights to answer the questions many are too afraid to ask. This roundtable is our way of giving back, ensuring that emerging designers can move forward with confidence and clarity, armed with the knowledge needed to succeed in the POD industry.

What This Series Offers

Candid Expert Conversations: Gain exclusive access to our in-depth interviews with POD industry leaders. No fluff—just real answers to the crucial questions about partnerships, design preferences, and the secrets to success.  

Insider Knowledge: Learn directly what fabric companies and brands look for in designers and collections, how trends influence selections, and the best practices for pitching your work. 

Lifetime Access: Unlimited access so you can revisit all of the content, enabling continuous refinement of your strategies to meet market demands.

Exclusive Workbook: Alongside our series, you'll receive a workbook designed to help you create a personalized action plan for growing your POD business, ensuring you know exactly what steps to take next. 

 Actionable Strategies: Learn which collections attract attention and how to differentiate your submissions, streamlining your approach to success.

Exclusive Insights: Learn what others won't tell you about succeeding in POD with our 11 expert recorded video interviews & counting. 

Immediate ROI: Implement strategies that make your art more visible and desirable to brands.

Unlock the Secrets to
Print on Demand Success

Join the ranks of informed designers and creatives who are transforming their approach to POD with our Roundtable Series. Secure your spot now and take the first step towards a more successful 

Print-on-demand career.

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  • What is included in the Print on Demand Roundtable Series?
    The series includes in-depth 11 interviews with industry leaders, actionable strategies, an exclusive workbook, and lifetime access to all content, designed to help you succeed in the POD market. Also included is a final thoughts video conversation where Fleur & Ryann sum up some key take aways, plus a bonus video to help you process all the information.
  • What are some of the questions we ask the experts?
    Here are some of the topics we cover in our interviews with our guest speakers:

    * What common mistakes do designers make when pitching their work?
    * What types of collections are they seeking? Large, small, single colorway, multiple colorways, etc.?
    * Must collections meet specific criteria or standards to be considered?
    * Insights into their current preferences and what they're looking for this year.
    * Are there gaps in their design library that designers could fill?
    * What factors make them eager to collaborate with a designer?
    * Their policy on working with artists: exclusive vs. non-exclusive arrangements.
    * Advice on how designers can differentiate their submissions.
    * Their perspective on whether designers should follow trends like florals or explore more unique concepts.
    * Top three tips for designers aspiring to enter the fabric industry.
    * Strategies brands use to discover new prints on POD sites.
    * Do brands prefer visiting a designer’s page directly, or do they rely on the search function to find new designs?
    * Preferred methods for designers to submit and pitch their work, including how often they should follow up.
    * Advice for designers just starting out.
    * Tips on forming a successful partnership with them.
    * How to maintain a fruitful relationship with brands and ensure ongoing collaboration.

  • Is this for me if I live outside of the US?
    Certainly! Ryann, based in the US, and Fleur in New Zealand, both have Print on Demand sites with many companies, license globally and prioritize creating universally applicable materials.
  • When do I get access to the Roundtable?
    Upon purchasing the Roundtable POD Series, you'll instantly access it via a URL on the confirmation page. Additionally, you'll receive an email confirmation containing the URL to set up your Creative Studio Collective library.

    Once your library account is established, you can access the Roundtable anytime.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds will be given.
  • Who is this series for?
    This series is perfect for artists, designers, and creatives who want to learn how to sell their art through POD platforms, understand industry trends, and form partnerships with brands and fabric companies. Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your existing POD business, our series is structured to provide valuable insights for all levels of experience.

  • How long do I have access to the series?
    You have lifetime access! You can revisit the interviews, strategies, and resources as often as you need, at any time that suits you.
    Once your library account is established, you can access the Roundtable anytime.
  • How does the exclusive workbook help me?
    The workbook is designed to complement the series, guiding you to create a personalized action plan for approaching POD companies and brands, ensuring you know what steps to take next.
  • How can I make the most out of this series?
    We recommend watching the series with the provided workbook at hand and applying what you learn to your POD ventures.
  • How often is the content updated?
    We periodically review and update the series content to reflect the latest industry trends and insights. All participants will have access to these updates with their lifetime access.

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11 Exclusive video Interviews: Access candid conversations with leading POD industry experts.

Actionable Strategies: Implement proven strategies to elevate your designs and sales on POD platforms.

Expertly Designed Workbook: Utilize our specialized workbook to map out your success plan for POD.

Lifetime Access: Revisit the series anytime to refresh your knowledge and keep up with industry trends.

Insider Knowledge: Gain insights into what top brands and fabric companies look for in designers and collections.

Flexible Learning: Progress through the series at your own pace, fitting seamlessly into your schedule.

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