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 Did you love our Mini Collection Challenge?
We have taken it to the next level!!
Are you ready to create more & build a well-rounded marketable portfolio? We are here to help you achieve just that.
We are sharing with you our creative briefs!
Get monthly briefs delivered straight to your inbox that will help you plan, focus & be inspired to build out your portfolio and take it to the next level.
Our briefs will take the guesswork out of
starting & designing new collections 

Our exciting NEW briefs will be your guide to staying on track, giving you more time to pitch & promote your collection while filling your portfolio with a range of on-trend, sought-after artwork that is in line with what art directors are looking for.
Do you want to level up your portfolio this year?
Our Monthly Portfolio Building Creative Briefs will help you plan the year ahead & build the Creative Career you have been dreaming of.

Jumpstart your design process to work faster & smarter.

Insider knowledge of what to design & when.

Create art-making habits that will build momentum.

Insight into what we will personally be working on this year.

Level up your portfolio to be well-balanced & marketable.

Provides structure to condition you to work to deadlines.

Work well in advance so you don't miss out on opportunities.

Design on Trend with new color palettes & themes each month.

Pitching timeframes for each brief's theme or season.

Practice working to a brief to help you build confidence with future client work.

What's Included in Each Monthly Brief?
One New Creative
Brief a Month

You'll receive one new creative brief on the 1st of each month that is in line with what's currently happening in the market.

Carefully Curated

We've carefully selected each month's theme to not only keep you on track with filling your portfolio with a range of artwork, but also to give you more time to pitch & promote your collection with pitching timeframes to follow.

Two Monthly
Theme Options

Each brief has two on-trend themes for you to choose to work from. You'll receive two moodboards that coordinate with the colour palettes we provide.

Two Custom
Color Palettes

Each monthly brief contains not one, but two custom color palettes that coordinate with the themes of the brief for you to work for or use as a jumping-off point.

Motifs and

Each brief will come with a full list of motifs and elements that coordinate with the two given themes to get your brainstorming started.

 Two Custom

Each brief has two custom moodboards that we've created for you PLUS you'll get instant access to our Pinterest board which has been curated to match the theme of the brief to really get your creative wheels turning.


When we created the original Mini Collection Challenge on Instagram last spring we had no idea just how impactful it would be, and how empowered it would leave so many feeling.

The mindset shift of focusing on 3 coordinating patterns
(1 Hero, 1 Blender, and 1 Coordinate) rather than 12+ was huge!

It allowed people to get past the overwhelm of creating a collection and
It showed them that in just a few days they could have a cohesive mini-collection that was portfolio ready and able to be pitched to potential clients.
The reality is, outside of the fabric industry, most companies are buying artwork in one-off prints, duos, trios, or picking a variety of your artwork and building a
collection of their own.


The creative briefs have been an invaluable tool for adding to my portfolio. They are so well thought out and jam packed with information, insight and actionable steps. After reading through the first brief and brainstorming ideas, I was inspired to explore the theme a little bit deeper and ended up creating new artwork that I would have never considered making had it not been for this guidance. So thankful to Ryann and Fleur for this great resource!


The Briefs are so detailed, informative, organised & beautiful!! Thank you so much for putting these together!!!


This first monthly brief has already given me so much focus and direction! Not only have I created a cohesive collection in record time, this brief also serves as an industry guide on when the best times are to pitch certain collection themes, ie holiday, seasonal. I've become so much more productive and consistent. I'm almost ready to start pitching now and cannot wait to for the next brief! If you're on the fence, just do it.


A great amount of detail and inspiration. They make you feel like you are producing artwork for an art director and put you in the right frame of mind to start researching and creating.


I am so excited I have joined the monthly creative briefs to keep me on track this year with exactly what I need to be doing and when! The first brief dropped giving plenty of lead time to develop a collection and pitch it ahead of the game and I can't wait to get stuck in!


The brief gives a lot of structure and with the theme already set in place, I notice that I start drawing and designing much quicker. It also feels good to know that when I just follow the briefs, I'll have a well thought out & well-rounded portfolio.


I love Creative Studio Collective's Portfolio Building Briefs!! Ryann and Fleur have put so much good stuff in them! They have done extensive research and have created incredibly in- depth themes for every month. The Briefs are so inspiring: both visually with mood boards and color palettes and verbally with words that not only give you motif ideas but also emotions and a vibe for the month. Of course they have also included helpful technical information and created community support for all of us. My favorite part about the Creative Briefs is having a place for my creativity to start every month!


LOVE your design briefs!! I love how far out you suggest to create our motifs/designs. I was always doing things last minute and missed the window on several holidays. Your briefs have helped me to prepare for the upcoming holidays/seasons. The also give me lots of design ideas and I love your color palettes.


The creative brief I received for Fall was so thorough and very professional in layout and content. Themes, colours, ideas, pitching time frames,, check list etc are all provided, I could not fault this brief. I would highly recommend anyone who’s sitting on the fence to sign up now.


Wow! This is AMAZING!!

We have done all the strategic thinking & planning for you 
If you sign up today you will receive a welcome email with an Intro Brief on the mindset & structure of how we will work this year with the briefs - then you will receive your first Portfolio Building Creative Brief immediately, delivered straight to your inbox! The first month is FREE & you pay in advance for the following month.  

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